I’ve officially been doing the Keto Diet for the last few weeks. Why did I choose this diet from all the others? Simple. I needed to see results fast and I realized that carb restriction is what my body needed to transform into a fat burning machine again. Is this an ideal way to transform my eating habits? No, it is not. I acknowledge that fully, however, this is what I need now. I plan to transition back to the Paleo lifestyle once I begin to feel like I can get back into a regular workout routine. In the meantime, I feel less bloated and have less cravings. I still think of peanut butter sandwiches now and then, but I’m not having a meltdown over it. The first few days were HARD! Sugar and carbohydrate addiction are real! Headache, nausea, lethargy and an overall feeling of doom were at the top of the list for symptoms.

I’m doing this diet with two family members so that we can be supportive of one another in reaching our health goals. What’s different this time around for me than the other “diets” so far? I am staying away from the scale. The scale and I have a toxic relationship. It was time for us to break up once and for all!

I used to have the mindset that I needed to get on the scale every single day. It was a barometer for how I felt about myself and my eating habits. I used it as a form of torture or reward. On days I saw the numbers get lower, I felt positive and wanted to reward myself with a treat. On the days I saw the numbers go up, I was filled with disgust and shame. This time, I decided it was time for a change. I needed to focus on being my healthiest self, versus hyper focusing on the numbers. Yes, I know the numbers will go down with due diligence, however, I cannot subject myself to daily or weekly weigh-ins and set myself up for discouragement or worse—failure! I have weighed in at the doctor’s office recently and so far, I’ve dropped almost 15 pounds. I found myself happier and more appreciative of ANY weight loss.

I recognize now just how carb sensitive my body is. I try to limit myself to less than 50 carbohydrates per day and the carbs I do eat are of nutritional value. I hope to become a true fat burning machine by the end of this journey! My family and I have had some real conversations about food and health lately. Making life changes is difficult but it’s easier with someone who is sharing those changes with you. Is my goal to eat this way forever? No. The best way for me to eat is to be mindful of what I am putting into my body by reading labels for additives and words I cannot pronounce. I thrived after doing my first Whole30 and it truly taught me how certain foods affect my body. I know for a fact that without sugar and grains, my muscle and joint stiffness ends in about a week! I know that when I eat white potatoes, I feel bloated and gassy. I learned that I like many more veggies than I originally thought. I also learned that I love to cook healthy meals a lot more than unhealthy meals.

The journey to health has been a long and tedious one for me.  It is also one I have to do for myself to keep me on track with living the best life I can live. I am experiencing much change and growth this year—some of it painful and some of it hopeful, but I am learning that self-care must be at the top of my list.


What do you hunger for? Love? Companionship? Relationship? Faith? Passion? Your past? Food? Money? Power? A drink? A pill?

We all have a hunger inside of us. We may bury it deep down or try to pretend we are in control of it, but are we really? That craving has a way of creeping up inside of us during times of trial, sacrifice, and change. I learned I was “hungry” on the fifth day of my second Whole30. I was eating all the right things. I was hungry! I wanted to feel satiated. My physical body was not hungry, but I felt a hunger deep in my belly. It was for whatever I did not have but felt deep down I needed. I am trying to embrace that feeling and nurturing it with meditation, reading devotional bible verses, and scrolling through Instagram stories for inspiration and hopefulness. I will expound on this new word for me…HUNGER later on but now, ask yourself what you’re hungry for (metaphorically speaking) and how are you filling that void.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


My name is Dawn and I am 50 and this age has been the time of much growth and change.

I’m a native Texan and have lived in some of the major cities here and the coast.

The beginning.

Over three years ago, I packed up and left my job, my friends, and the life I had built for myself in another city. Even now, I am confident, it was the right decision for me at that time because I was in a rut. I was stagnant and not growing professionally. I craved growth and change. I still remember the day I made the decision to leave a job I loved and the friends I’d made and embark on this journey. My heart ached but I was filled with a fervor that was driving me to make this tremendous upheaval in my life. It’s like breaking up with someone you love for all the right reasons. I’ve grown more emotionally and professionally than I ever have in the last three years. When you jump off a cliff, you realize one of two things: you fly or you die. I flew. Starting over was scary but I did it. I began to trust my life’s purpose and my faith in God. What did I gain?

I gained confidence, strength, purpose, knowledge, and even more faith! I realized things I never knew about myself but had within me all along. I was a leader. I was a performer. I was a teacher. I was a writer. I was a mentor. I finally bloomed! I was flying so high until the work, the responsibilities, the family, the marriage—all of it just took over and I succumbed to bad habits for coping. Somewhere in the midst of all that positive growth; I began to lose myself. I forgot what was important.

Now, I am at a crossroads. Growth and overcoming challenges is not without collateral damage. That is what this blog is about—finding healing and unbecoming everything I thought I was and finally becoming who I am meant to be. It is about re-configuring my life around health and happiness.